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Downpayment Assistance Programs


The Commission's Downpayment Assistance Programs provide loans for assistance with downpayment and closing costs and can only be used with the Commission's first mortgage loan programs. These loans are due and payable upon sale, transfer, non-occupancy or refinance of property and cannot be subordinated upon refinance of the first mortgage.

Home Advantage

Home Advantage DPA 
Up to 4% of the first mortgage loan amount.


Up to $15,000 for buyers with a disability or family member with disability living with them. 

House Key Plus Seattle

Up to $45,000 for buyers living within the city limits of Seattle.

HouseKey ARCH

ARCH East King County
Up to $30,000 for buyers within an ARCH member city or area.


Up to $40,000 for people buying within the City of Bellingham limits.

Tacoma Downpayment Assistance

Tacoma DPA 
Up to $20,000 for buyers within the eligible city limits of Tacoma.

House Key Veterans

House Key Veterans
Up to $10,000 for veterans who have served our country.

House Key

Opportunity Downpayment Assistance
Up to $10,000 and combines with the House Key Opportunity first mortgage loan program.

Bremerton Downpayment Assistance Program

Bremerton Downpayment Assistance
Up to $20,000 for people buying within the Bremerton city limits.

Pierce County Downpayment Assistance Program

Pierce County Downpayment Assistance Program
Up to $20,000 for people buying within the Pierce County limits.


If you have questions about the Commission's Downpayment Assistance Loan Programs, please contact Dietrich Schmitz at 206-287-4459 or toll free at 800-767-4663, Ext. 459, or by e-mail

DISCLAIMER The sponsorship by the Commission of a homebuyer education seminar does not endorse a person, business practice, product or service other than those of the Commission.


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