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An  important part of the Commission’s mandate is sharing information about our mission, both in terms of what’s been accomplished and where we intend to focus our resources in the coming years. Please contact us for more information about Commission programs, plans, and activities.

My View from Kim Herman, Executive Director | Archive
This quarterly newsletter offers a unique, “inside” perspective on housing and community development from the executive director of the Housing Finance Commission and a wide range of leaders and experts.

2014 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report

1983-2014 Statewide Impact Report
Statewide Impact Report

History of the Commission 1983-2013: A Timeline (PDF)
For 30 years, we have opened doors to homeownership, to affordable apartments, and to essential buildings in which people learn, create, and help one another. We are proud to share this look back at the difference our work has made.

Housing Finance Plan 2013-2015 (PDF)
The Housing Finance Plan includes an overview of the Commission, our Plan for financing affordable housing during the next two years, and a detailed description of Commission policies for each of our programs, as well as the results achieved by the Commission.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credits in Washington State (PDF)
The Commission's annual report to the Governor regarding allocations made and program activity during 2013.

History of the Commission 1983-2003: A Catalyst for the Community (PDF)
This history of the Commission, written for our 20th anniversary, tells how varied and competing players in Washington state came together to create a long-needed agency.

2013: Annual Report | Statewide Impact Report
2012: Annual Report | Visual Overview | Legislative Report


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