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31 Years

Premier Partners

Loan Officers who have helped the most homebuyers use Commission programs:

LAURA WELLS, CMPS, Movement Mortgage, Spokane

JASON GOSSER, Guild Mortgage, Everett/Marysville/Lynnwood

KIMBERLY A. TOSKEY, Salmon Bay Community Lending, Seattle

JOSHUA HENRY, Guild Mortgage, Bellingham

JEFF MILTENBERGER, Guild Mortgage, Lynnwood

GORDON DRANE, Umpqua Bank, Kennewick

MICHELLE SWANSON, Prospect Mortgage, Bothell/Snohomish

CRISTIE STAPP, Guild Mortgage, Seattle

GLENN LEACH, Veterans United, Puyallup

MARK D. WILLIAMS, Evergreen Home Loans, Bellevue


Top Loan Officers by Region

Home Advantage Program Participating Lenders

Verify a mortgage company or individual: www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org

 Laura Wells  LAURA WELLS, CMPS, Movement Mortgage, Spokane
I have over 26 years of experience in mortgage lending and hold the designation of Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist. As a seasoned Premier Partner, I have helped hundreds of low-to-moderate income families in Spokane on their paths to homeownership using the Commission’s programs. I work with clients to help them understand the home loan process, from pre-qualification to keys in their hands, and how to reach their long-term financial goals. As a dedicated financing advisor I feel the Commission’s programs, including the Home Advantage and HomeChoice programs, are among the most helpful, unique ways to meet borrowers’ financial goals. I am passionate about improving lives through homeownership and I regularly conduct Commission-sponsored homebuyer education seminars in the Spokane area. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Spokane area, please contact Laura at 509-714-9411, or email her at Laura.Wells@Movement.com. MLO #330328

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Jason Gosser  JASON GOSSER, Guild Mortgage, Everett/Marysville/Lynnwood
Jason, a Western Washington native, has been originating loans for over twenty years and is proud to offer his clients a wealth of experience and knowledge in home financing. Jason possesses the ability to listen to the needs of his borrower in order to find the perfect loan program. His product knowledge and experience is well rounded. He specializes in first-time homebuyer, government programs, and zero down loan programs. To begin the process of purchasing your first home, please contact Jason at jasong@guildmortgage.net or 425-615-6303. MLO #120413

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Kim Toskey  KIMBERLY A. TOSKEY, Salmon Bay Community Lending, Seattle
As a Premier Partner, Kim Toskey helps more than 100 low-to-moderate income families along their paths to homeownership each year. Kim works with her clients to help them understand the home loan process, budgeting and how to reach their long term financial goals. Kim partners with local nonprofits to teach homebuyer education and is considered an expert in the fields of credit and downpayment assistance. By volunteering with national and local organizations and spearheading professional collaboration, Kim works to facilitate financial literacy and equal access to homeownership. As a long-time board member for the Washington Homeownership Resource Center, Kim is excited to be part of the leadership and navigating these times of market and regulatory change. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to homeownership, call Kim Toskey 425-422-5286 or email kimsteam@salmonbaylending.com. MLO #184361

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Joshua Henry  JOSHUA HENRY, Guild Mortgage, Bellingham
Joshua Henry has helped many people achieve their goal of affordable homeownership with the assistance of the Home Advantage loan program and the Mortgage Credit Certificate available through the WA State Housing Finance Commission. Although there are many loan options available on the market today, both seasoned purchasers and first-time homebuyers have benefited from Joshua’s ability to find the right financial solution for every scenario. Joshua’s passion for helping homebuyers, and first-time buyers in particular, made him one of the Commission’s top loan producers for 2014. His drive and commitment have also made him a very effective Home Buyer Education instructor. He frequently conducts free Commission sponsored classes in the Bellingham, WA area. Joshua has lived in Whatcom County his entire life and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. Joshua can reached by calling or texting at 360-224-0841 or jhenry@guildmortgage.net. MLO #399700

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Jeff Miltenberger  JEFF MILTENBERGER, Guild Mortgage, Lynnwood
With more than 20 years of experience in mortgage lending, I have seen it all. I am dedicated to helping my clients with their financial needs from start to finish. I am an expert in helping you find the best programs to fit your life and budget. I understand all the great programs offered by the WA State Housing Finance Commission and will make the process of choosing the best program easy! In our first meeting, I will walk you through the whole process from start to finish. I pride myself on constant communication throughout the process, no surprises and closing on time. Through it all, my satisfaction stems from my happy clients. To find out how to get started, please call me directly at 206-295-8455 or email me at jeffm@guildmortgage.net. I look forward to meeting you! MLO #108278

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Gordon Drane  GORDON DRANE, Umpqua Bank, Kennewick
Gordon Drane, a lifelong Washington native, has been in the mortgage business for 38 years. These 38 years include experience in underwriting, processing and originating loans. Gordon specializes in helping first-time homebuyers. Last year Gordon helped 38 first time homebuyers obtain their first home with the help of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. He takes great pride in helping homebuyers achieve their dreams and goals. In 2013, Gordon became a valuable resource in the Tri-Cities community by conducting 23 Commission-sponsored homebuyer education seminars . Gordon strives to communicate openly and honestly to create a positive and lasting experience. He has great knowledge of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission programs, as well as FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional programs. Please call Gordon Drane at 509-491-6826 or email him at gordondrane@umpquabank.com to achieve your goal of homeownership! MLO #420506

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Michelle Swanson  MICHELLE SWANSON, Prospect Mortgage, Bothell/Snohomish
Michelle is a firm believer in the downpayment assistance programs offered by the Commission. As a Premier Partner, Michelle encourages ALL of her clients to consider the Commission’s Home Advantage program. Michelle has helped many clients realize their dream of homeownership by using this program. Michelle has over 20 years of experience in mortgage lending and is a second generation loan officer. Michelle enjoys conducting Commission-sponsored homebuyer education seminars and assisting clients along the entire path to homeownership. Helping homebuyers understand credit, budgeting, the loan process and how to reach their long term financial goals is what Michelle enjoys the most about her career. Despite all of the changes throughout the years in the lending industry, Michelle has worked tirelessly advocating for her clients. This includes helping clients with purchasing, refinancing or qualifying for the Commission’s Mortgage Credit Certificate program. Through dedicated service Michelle’s goal is to be every client’s Mortgage Consultant for Life. Please call Michelle at 425-776-1450 or email at Michelle.Swanson@prospectmtg.com. MLO #36763

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Cristie Stapp  CRISTIE STAPP, Guild Mortgage, Seattle
Cristie has been teaching first time buyer classes since 1995. Working with homebuyers, her first two priorities are educating her clients and making sure they receive a loan appropriate to their current and future financial needs and goals. She is always an advocate for her clients. Having been a Premier Partner for many years, she is a supporter of and believer in the Commission’s loan programs. The mortgage industry is in a state of constant change. Cristie prides herself with keeping up with the latest regulations and loan program updates, so her clients receive dependable information. In today’s times, Cristie’s dedication and tireless effort insure her clients have her unparalleled expertise helping them navigate through the entire loan process. Please, call Cristie Stapp at 206-310-3402 or email at cstapp@guildmortgage.net to reach your destination of homeownership. MLO #233065

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Glenn Leach  GLENN LEACH, Veterans United, Puyallup
At Veterans United, we help Veterans AND Non-Veterans achieve the dream of homeownership. Glenn has been a WSHFC “Premier Lender” since 2010 and has helped 100’s of families use a variety of zero-down and down payment assistance programs to buy homes with VA, FHA, USDA, and Conventional loan programs. Passionate about helping families affected by disabilities, Glenn works with local non-profit agencies and veteran support entities to improve lives via Credit, Home Buying, and Financial Self-Sufficiency Workshops which help families purchase safe and secure homes. “These programs change lives and make our communities better for everyone! That’s why I’m proud to do what I do!” Contact Glenn at Glenn.Leach@VeteransUnited.com or 253-617-6200 Ext 7023. MLO #112932

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Mark D. Williams  MARK D. WILLIAMS, Evergreen Home Loans, Bellevue
With a career spanning more than 20 years in the mortgage industry, Mark Williams, senior loan officer at Evergreen Home Loans, has had outstanding success with first-time homebuyers using the Washington State Housing Finance Commission’s loan programs. His extensive knowledge in loan options available to homebuyers sets him apart from most of his industry peers. Understanding the importance of home and family is the root of Mark’s success. Knowing that buying a home is one of the most important decisions one can make, he is focused on helping his customers obtain a home loan solution that is affordable and allows them to achieve their goals. Mark brings his extensive product knowledge and service-oriented communication into every customer relationship. Whether it’s online, in-person or over the phone, Mark is known for keeping his customers informed every step of the way. He takes great pride helping families in the community reach their homeownership goals and wants to exceed expectations. Contact Mark at 425-748-8901 or email mwilliams@evergreenhomeloans.com. MLO #205465

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Listed are the top five in each region with a minimum of two Commission loans in the last quarter.

County: Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla | Chelan, Grant | Clark, Cowlitz | King | Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson | Pierce | Snohomish | Spokane | Thurston, Lewis | Whatcom, Skagit | Yakima

Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla Counties

Chad Crithfield, Caliber Home Loans - Kennewick, 10 loans*, 509-737-6000, chad.crithfield@caliberhomeloans.com

Gordon Drane, Umpqua Bank - Kennewick, 9 loans*, 509-491-6826, gordondrane@umpquabank.com

Crystal Burdo, 1st Security Bank - Kennewick, 6 loans*, 509-491-5003, crystal.burdo@fsbwa.com 

Jeremy Brock, Summit Funding, Inc, - Kennewick, 4 loans*, 509-737-7161, jeremy.brock@summitfunding.net 

Dora Castaneda, 1st Security Bank - Kennewick, 4 loans*, 509-491-5004, dora.castaneda@fsbwa.com

Katie Gaumer, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. - Kennewick, 4 loans*, 509-554-2611, katie.gaumer@caliberhomeloans.com 

Niklas Sandberg, 1st Security Bank of Kennewick, 4 loans*, 509-491-5002, nik.sandberg@fsbwa.com

Scott Unger, HomeStreet Bank - Kennewick, 4 loans*, 509.572.3652, scott.unger@homestreet.com 

Dago Velasquez, HomeStreet Bank - Kennewick, 4 loans*, 509-572-3661, dago.velasquez@homestreet.com 

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Chelan, Grant Counties

April Brown, Evergreen Home Loans - Wenatchee, 6 loans*, 509-664-3634, abrown@evergreenhomeloans.com

Anne Fisher, Guild Mortgage - Moses Lake, 5 loans*, 509-766-7788, afisher@guildmortgage.net

Clark Schweigert, Evergreen Home Loans - Moses Lake, 4 loans*, 509-855-4025, cschweigert@evergreenhomeloans.com 

Michael Brown, Evergreen Home Loans - Wenatchee, 2 loans*, 509-664-3634, mbrown@evergreenhomeloans.com 

Sarah Bullinger, Evergreen Home Loans - Moses Lake,  2 loans*, 509-855-4025, sbullinger@evergreenhomeloans.com 

Francie Poole-Barnes, Peoples Bank - Wenatchee, 2 loans*, 509-664-5317 francie.poole@peoplesbank-wa.com 

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Clark, Cowlitz Counties

Rochelle Gano, Caliber Home Loans - Vancouver, 8 loans*, 360-281-1642, rochelle.gano@caliberhomeloans.com

Paul Martinez, Prospect Mortgage, 5 loans*, 503-232-6659, paul@prospectmtg.com 

Michael Bettineski, Guild Mortgage - Longview, 4 loans*, 360.200.6607, mbettineski@guildmortgage.net 

Leslie Girard, Evergreen Home Loans - Vancouver, 4 loans*, 360-260-6979, lgirard@evergreenhomeloans.com

Jary Martinson, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. - Vancouver, 4 loans*, 360, 558-5145 jary.martinson@caliberhomeloans.com 

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

King County

Ryan Niles, Cornerstone Home Lending - Seattle, 15 loans*, 206-949-4326, rniles@houseloan.com

Mark Williams, Evergreen Home Loans - Bellevue, 13 loans*, 425-748-8901, mwilliams@evergreenhomeloans.com

Annette Schmidt, Republic Mortgage - Federal Way, 11 loans*, 253.941.1600, annette.schmidt@academymortgage.com 

Karin Koenig, Homestreet Bank - Bellevue, 10 loans*, 206-459-1345, karin.koenig@homestreet.com

Cristie Stapp MLO-233065, Guild Mortgage - Northgate, 10 loans*, 206-310-3402, cstapp@guildmortgage.net

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson Counties

Carolyn Frame, Prime Lending - Bainbridge Island,  3 loans*, 206-780-6082, cframe@primelending.com 

Dee Gonia, Evergreen Home Loans - Port Orchard,  3 loans*, 360.205.3192, dgonia@evergreenhomeloans.com 

Desi Goodwin, The Bank of the Pacific - Aberdeen,  3 loans*, 360-537-4045, dgoodwin@bankofthepacific.com 

Timothy Samuels, Fairway Independent Mortgage - Poulsbo,  3 loans*, 360.698.6498, tsamuels@fairwaymc.com 

Jeff Wood, HomeStreet Bank - Seattle,  3 loans*, 206-264-4262, jeff.wood@homestreet.com 

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Pierce County

Michael Fornerette, Guild Mortgage - Tacoma, 16 loans*, 253-830-2323, mfornerette@guildmortgage.net

Sunny Wilson, Eagle Home Mortgage - Puyallup, 12 loans*, 253-864-6222, sunnywilson@eaglehm.com

Brian Baker, DHI Mortgage - Kirkland, 7 loans*, 425-820-8563, bkbaker@dhimortgage.com 

Carman Vo, Prime Lending - Puyallup, 5 loans*, 253-286-4400 cvo@primelending.com 

John Cassels, HomeStreet Bank - Tacoma, 4 loans*, 253-627-2500, john.cassels@homestreet.com 

Richard Clark, Guild Mortgage - Tacoma, 4 loans*, 253-830-2302, rclark@guildmortgage.net 

Ryan Dorman, Mortgage Masters Service Corporation - Puyallup, 4 loans*, 253-770-5486, ryand@homefrontmortgage.com

Mike England, Guild Mortgage - Tacoma, 4 loans*, 206-271-3219, mengland@guildmortgage.net

Geoffrey Kaylor, Prime Lending - Puyallup,  4 loans*, 253-238-0028, gkaylor@primelending.com 

Glenn Leach, Veterans United Home Loans - Puyallup, 4 loans*, 253-617-6200 ext 7023, glenn.leach@veteransunited.com 

Jennifer Pacheco, Windermere Mortgage Services - Tacoma,  4 loans*, 253-761-3053, jennifer.pacheco@penrithloans.com 

Brad Schenck, 1st Security Bank - Puyallup,  4 loans*, 253-328-0084, brad.schenck@fsbwa.com 

Richard Slaughter, Mortgage Master Service Corporation - Puyallup, 4 loans*, 253-200-2694 rick@mortgagemasterwa.com 

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Snohomish County

Jason Gosser MLO-120413, Guild Mortgage - Lynnwood, 15 loans*, 425-615-6303, jasong@guildmortgage.net

David Bryce, Priority Home Lending - Lynnwood, 7 loans*, 425-949-4068, dbryce@prioritylending.com 

Kimberley Lynn, Republic Mortgage - Monroe E Main,  5 loans*, 360-217-8260, kimberley.lynn@academymortgage.com 

Cody Touchette, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. - Bothell,  5 loans*, 425-492-1713, cody.touchette@caliberhomeloans.com 

Kris Crane, Crane Financial Group - Snohomish,  4 loans*, 360-217-1017, kris.crane@craneloan.com 

Deborah Mercado, Crane Financial Group - Snohomish,  4 loans*, 360-913-2334, deborah.mercado@craneloan.com 

Isabel Palacios, Academy Mortgage - Everett, 4 loans*,  425-322-3395, isabel.palacios@academy.cc

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Spokane County

Laura Wells MLO-330328, Movement Mortgage - Spokane, 24 loans*, 509-714-9411, Laura.Wells@Movementmortgage.com

Terry Wiyrick, Umpqua Bank - Spokane, 10 loans*, 509-842-9558, terrywiyrick@umquabank.com

Julia Hansen, Guild Mortgage - Spokane, 9 loans*, 509-279-2320 ext. 23, jhansen@guildmortgage.net 

Art Sharpe, Summit Funding, Inc - Spokane Valley,  9 loans*, 509-892-0798, asharpe@summitfunding.net 

Kathy Colkitt, Chimney Rock Mortgage - Spokane Valley,  6 loans*, 509-999-6464 bestloans123@comcast.net 

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Thurston, Lewis Counties

Ron Hanson, Guild Mortgage - Olympia, 5 loans*, 360-402-4697  rhanson@guildmortgage.net

Brandy LeGault, Guild Mortgage - Olympia,  5 loans*, 360-280-1467 brandyl@guildmortgage.net 

Becky Carver, Prime Lending - Centralia (Lacey), 3 loans*, 360-807-4618, bcarver@primelending.com

Michelle Wickett, Axia Financial - Lacey,  3 loans*, 360-459-1200, michelle.wickett@axiahomeloans.com 

Teri Sanders, HomeStreet Bank - Olympia,  2 loans*, 360-486-5303 teri.sanders@homestreet.com 

Arle Seaton, HomeStreet Bank - Olympia,  2 loans*, 360-486-5301 arle.seaton@homestreet.com 

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Whatcom, Skagit Counties

Dustin Brumley, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. - Bellingham,  14 loans*, 360-389-6605, dustin.brumley@caliberhomeloans.com 

Josh Henry, Guild Mortgage - Bellingham, 9 loans *, 360-746-8328, jhenry@guildmortgage.net

Melanie Pysden, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. - Bellingham,  8 loans*, 360-922-7693, melanie.pysden@caliberhomeloans.com 

Tony Peplinski, Guild Mortgage - Oak Harbor,  5 loans*, 360-672-1079, nancibarnhard@hotmail.com 

Nicole Walker, Umpqua Bank - Bellingham, 5 loans*, 360-937-0965, nicolewalker@umpquabank.com

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter

Yakima County

Chrissy Andreas, Evergreen Home Loans - Yakima, 13 loans*, 509-594-4671, candreas@evergreenhomeloans.com 

Fenja Swope, The Advisors - Yakima, 4 loans*, 509-457-6552 fenja.swope@theadvisorsmc.com 

Janet Filcher, Skyline Home Loans - Yakima, 3 loans*, 509-895-5645 jfilcher@skylinehomeloans.com 

Jeffrey Jorgensen, Skyline Home Loans - Yakima, 3 loans*, 509-895-5648, jjorgensen@skylinehl.com

Linda Orozco, Evergreen Home Loans - Yakima,  3 loans*, 509-594-4663, lorozco@evergreenhomeloans.com 

* number of Commission Loans closed in the last quarter


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