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Asset Management & ComplianceWeb-Based Annual Reporting System (WBARS)

LINK TO WBARS SITE: www.wbars.com

A recording of the November 2016 Annual Report Training webinar is forthcoming.

Recordings of Previous Combined Funder Annual Report Training webinars:

Choose how you want to view this recording. The recorded MP4 webinar file may take time to download. Firefox and Chrome browser will open the file faster. You can also stream webinars on Vimeo when they become available.

Table 4 (Income & Expense Report)
Table 4 - Vimeo | Training Video MP4 (Approx 1 hr.) 02/09/2016

Session (2a) —“Getting Started - 101”
Getting Started  - 101 Vimeo | MP4 File  Training starts at 0:00

Session (2b) —“HOME-Mini”
Please print out the handouts before viewing the recorded webinar.
Exhibit 3-7 — Fixed HOME Units and Over-Income Tenants
Exhibit 3-9 — Floating HOME Units and Over-Income Tenants
Table 1 Export for HOME - Mini Webinar
HOME - Mini 2015 Powerpoint 11-14-15
HOME - Mini Vimeo
MP4 File  Training starts at 2:17

Session (2c) —“Digging Deeper - 201”
Please print out the handouts before viewing the recorded webinar.
Digging Deeper Material
Copy of Sample Excel Export
2015 WBARs Annual Report Matrix
Digging Deeper - 201 Vimeo
MP4 File  Training starts at 3:02:45


WBARS FAQs Rev 04/2011

Utility Instructions

WBARS User Guide Rev 12/2012

Annual Report Submission Supplemental Materials Update 10/2015


Washington State Housing Finance Commission

State of Washington Department of Commerce, Housing Division

City of Seattle, Office of Housing

City of Tacoma, CEDD Housing Division

King County, Housing and Community Development Program

Snohomish County, OHHCD

City of Spokane, Community Development

City of Bellingham, Housing & Human Services


  1. You can manually enter information on the website, OR
  2. If you use a compliance software system, you can transfer data via an XML upload from your system.
    XML Import Documentation for END USERS
    XML Import Documentation for SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS


  1. Check with the WBARS Administrator for your organization if you need to have an account set up for you in the system.
  2. Make sure you agree with the information in WBARS before you begin entering data.  If you encounter incorrect information, such as a missing unit at a project, email your funder immediately.  Only funders can add or delete units, or make changes to square footage and bedroom size.


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