Information for Single-Family Lending and Real Estate Professionals
15 – House Key Forms

for reservations made AFTER July 1, 2017

These documents are provided for use by lending professionals trained by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. For more information about our programs, please visit us at  If lender uses Commission forms prepared by any outside source, the lender is responsible for the accuracy of the documents. Lenders are liable for all consequences due to omissions and inaccuracies. 


Extension Request

Rate Lock Extension Form

Reservation Change

Reservation Change Request Form effective July 1, 2017


Addendum to Residential Loan Application (PDF) (07/01/2011)(Page 15.6.1-4)

Notice to Buyers (PDF) (04/25/2008)(Page 15.7)

Income and Household Member Disclosure (PDF) (03/06/2017)(15.8)

Notice to Mortgagor Regarding Potential Federal Subsidy Recapture Tax (PDF) (04/27/2001)(Page 15.10.1-4)

Federal Subsidy Recapture Tax - Adjusted Qualifying Income Table (PDF) (05/17/2017)(Page 15.10.5)

Acquisition Cost Certification (PDF) (10/11/2017)(Page 15.11.1-2)

Statement of Income Tax Filing (PDF) (03/06/2017)(15.12)

Pre-Closing Compliance

Pre-Closing Compliance Review Checklist (PDF) (11/07/2017)(Page 15.13.1-2)

Loan Closing

Notice of Potential Recapture Tax on Sale of Your Home (PDF) (06/1/1999)(Page 15.14)

Conventional Rider to Security Instrument (PDF) (04/25/2008)(Page 15.16)

Single-Family Deed of Trust Rider FHA & VA (PDF) (03/24/2010)(Page 15.17.1-2)

Post Closing Compliance

Post-Closing Compliance Review Checklist (PDF) (07/01/2017)(Page 15.20.1)

Purchase and Delivery

Correspondent Delivery Requirements-Credit Documents (Excel) (11/22/2017)

Correspondent Delivery Requirements-Closing Documents (Excel) (09/22/2017)


Notice of Cancellation of Recapture Tax (PDF) (02/16/2005)(Page 15.29)


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