Non Commission Bond/Tax Credit Program

To continue maximizing the use of bond cap, the Commission closely coordinates with the Association of Washington Housing Authorities (AWHA) and local public development authorities. Together, the issuing authorities queue a potential pipeline of projects that will need bond cap each year and coordinate the timely transfer of bond cap to meet demand.

If you are interested in our bond/tax credit program and are not a public housing or development authority seeking volume cap, please refer to our bond/tax credit program page.

Bond Cap Request Process & Form

Application Process & Contact Information

Due by month end of November of the year prior to an expected allocation:

Bond Cap Request Form

Waivers of the Total Development Cost Limits

Due at least 60 days prior to submitting your tax credit application. Please contact Dan Rothman if you have questions about pre-approvals.
Waiver of the Total Development Cost Limits (Excel)

Subsidy Layering Review Requests

Include your subsidy layering review request with your tax credit application. Please refer to the below instructions and submit remaining items when completed to Dan Rothman.
• Instructions for Subsidy Layering Review Request (PDF) Coming soon!
HUD SLR Guidelines for HCAs (PDF)
Appendix A SLR Checklist (PDF)
• Update and submit the following forms from the tax credit application with any financing changes:
• Form 6A S&U Budget
• Form 8D 15-Yr Pro Forma
• Form 9B ID of Interest
Attachment A Rent Info & Project Summary (Word)
HUD Form 2880 (PDF)

Tax Credit Application Materials

Due at least 60 days prior to anticipated bond closing. Submit your application materials using our PHA/PDA Application Submission Form.

A. Policies (PDF)

B. Points Summary (PDF)

C. Application Workshop Materials

1. Application Workshop PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
2. Application Workshop Recording

D. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) updated 12/17/2021

E. Public Housing/Public Development Authority Application::

1. Application Checklist (PDF)
2. Application Workbook (Excel) Updated 12/21/2021

F. Certifications:

1. Certification Regarding Financial Solvency and Litigation Status (PDF)
2. Resolution Granting Signature Authority for Corporations (PDF)
3. Consent Granting Signature Authority for Partnerships and LLCs (PDF)
4. Certification of Ability to Contribute Equity to the Project (PDF)
5. Evergreen Owner Certification
6. Architect Certification of Gross Residential Square Footage (PDF)
7. Certification Regarding Acquisition Credit (PDF)

G. Utility Incentive Form (PDF)

H. Community Engagement Response Form (Word)

I. CBO Response Form (Word)

J. Community Engagement Toolkits

1. Equitable Development Engagement Toolkit - Lindquist (PDF)
2. Community Engagement Toolkit (PDF)

K. Novogradac Income Averaging Spreadsheet (Excel)

L. Rent and Income Limits

M. Community Revitalization Plan

1. Washington State Urban Growth Boundary
2. Qualified Census Tract and Difficult Development Areas
3. Comprehensive Opportunity Index
4. Washington Tracking Network’s Information by Location (IBL) Tool

N. Washington State Public Housing Authority List


Bond 101 & IRS Form 8038
Submit your Bond 101 and IRS Form 8038 within 1-2 weeks post-closing. Please contact Sojung Choi if you have questions about paying your bond cap transfer fee.

Housing Volume Cap Recycling

Please fill out the following form if you know your bond cap is eligible for recycling. Please contact Lisa Vatske if you have questions about the Commission’s recycling program.
Volume Cap Recycling Form


Call 800-767-4663 (toll free in Washington State) or email us at with questions about the policies or application requirements.


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