2016 9% Competitive Tax Credit Application

9% Competitive Application Deadline was Friday, January 22, 2016.

A. Qualified Allocation Plan (PDF)

B. Rules (PDF)

C. Policies (PDF)

D. Pre-Application Approval Requests
     1. Waiver of the Total Development Cost Limits
     2. Non-Rural State Designated Basis Boost
     3. Rehab Pre-Approval Criteria

E. Application:

1. Instructions (PDF)
2. Combined Funders Application Sections (Word) (PDF)
3. Combined Funders Application Forms (Excel) 01/04/2016

F. 9% LIHTC Application Addendum

1. 9% LIHTC Addendum Checklist (Word)
2. 9% LIHTC Addendum Forms (Excel)
3. 9% LIHTC Rehab Addendum Forms (Excel)

G. Certifications:

1. Certification Regarding Financial Solvency and Litigation Status (Word)
2. Resolution Granting Signature Authority for Corporations (Word)
3. Consent Granting Signature Authority for Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (Word)
4. Certification of Ability to Contribute Equity to the Project (Word)
5. Certification of Consistency with the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness (Word)
6. Evergreen Owner Certification (Word)
7. Architect Certification of Gross Residential Square Footage (Word)
8. Certification Regarding Acquisition Credit (Word)

H. Rent and Income Limits

I. Qualified Census Tract and Difficult Development Areas (QCT/DDA) List (PDF)

J. Credit per Unit, Credit per Project, and Credit per Applicant Limits (PDF)

K. 2016 Fair Market Rents (for use with the Local Funding Commitment Policy)

L. Washington State Indian Reservations for Eligible Tribal Area Points (PDF)

M. King County Transit Oriented Development Map (PDF)

N. King County Opportunity Areas

O. Top Job Growth Places List (PDF)

P. Washington State Public Housing Authority List

Q. Consolidated Plan Jurisdiction List (PDF)

R. Resource List (PDF)


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