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Homebuyer Education Registration Materials for Instructors

To all Homebuyer Education Instructors,

Options for Homebuyer Education Seminars

In-Person Classes Are Back!

Due to the lift of COVID-19 restrictions by the Washington State Governor's office, the Commission is pleased to announce the return of in-person Commission-sponsored homebuyer education classes. Below are the current options for homebuyer education.

  1. In-Person Classroom
    Attestation and proof of vaccination: Before registering your first in-person class, each instructor needs to complete the Instructor Attestation Form with Proof of Vaccination.

    DISCLAIMER: COVID-19 is highly contagious and is spread easily from person-to-person. Consistent with State guidance, Washington State Housing Finance Commission highly recommends instructors put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in its homebuyer education classes. Despite these measures, the Commission cannot guarantee that participants, instructors, or others in attendance will not be exposed to, contract, or spread COVID-19. By choosing to participate in person, instructors, guests, and attendees assume all risks and dangers from exposure to COVID-19 associated with attending a Commission sponsored homebuyer education class.

    Instructors must provide proof of vaccination per the attestation form, to the Commission prior to resuming in-person classes and are required to advise the Commission what protocols they intend to use for their class (i.e., required masking, proof of vaccination, etc.) when a class is registered. Protocol choices are up to the individual instructor, but must be communicated to the Commission. The Commission will post the class protocols on its website.

    The Commission highly recommends that instructors follow the guidance on the Governor’s website. The instructors are responsible for implementing more restrictive guidelines if posted to the Governor’s website at Misc Venue Guidance.pdf.

  2. Virtual Classroom
    Instructors may use Zoom (or another virtual classroom platform) to provide classes virtually. Before you use Zoom (or another virtual classroom platform) the first time for your classes, email Corinna Obar for approval and explain in writing:
    1. How you will gather contact and demographic information for each attendee to be forwarded to us after the class;
    2. How you will ensure that each attendee is present for the full 5 hours;
    3. How you will ensure that each attendee receives their certificate.

    Please note: If you currently have a virtual homebuyer education class scheduled with us, we will keep it listed as virtual unless you cancel your virtual class and re-register as in-person. Again, classes must be either in person or virtual – hybrid classes will not be allowed at this time.

  3. eHomeAmerica Online Class
    In addition to in-person and virtual Commission-sponsored classes, homebuyers still have the option of taking our approved online self-guided course via eHomeAmerica. The cost is $50 per person and each borrower must register separately and take the course individually.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging time and as always, thank you for the time you spend teaching the public to be better informed homebuyers and homeowners!

Instructors of Commission-sponsored homebuyer education seminars may register a seminar and download seminar materials.

DISCLAIMER: The sponsorship by the Commission of a homebuyer education seminar does not endorse a person, business practice, product or service other than those of the Commission.

Participating lenders must co-instruct with a real estate professional who has also attended Commission Home Loan Programs and Homebuyer Education Instructor Training.

Please submit a separate form for each seminar with complete information.

Each seminar must be a minimum of five full hours of actual class time plus breaks.

The Commission will provide to the Lender a routing slip, handouts-brochures, evaluation sheets, certificates of completion and Seminar Participant Registration Forms.

Instructors must coordinate directly with the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) for delivery of seminar workbooks. Here’s the link to order your books:

If you have not attended Commission Home Loan Programs and Homebuyer Education Instructor Training:

Please visit Information for Lenders, Nonprofits, and Real Estate Professionals or contact Corinna Obar at or 206-287-4414.

If you have attended Commission Home Loan Programs and Homebuyer Education Instructor Training:

Please Note: In the next couple of months, we will be working on implementing the NEW and IMPROVED Homebuyer Education Class Registration Portal on our website. There may be a black-out period when classes can’t be registered due to data migration.

Register Seminar Set Up Form

Download Seminar Materials

Homebuyer Education Instructor PowerPoint

Homebuyer Education Classes Marketing Guidelines

Further details and seminar checklist can be found in Section 6 of the Home Advantage manual.

If you have questions regarding this page, please contact our offices at or 206-287-4412 or toll free in Washington at 800-767-4663.


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