Web-Based Annual Reporting System (WBARS) Training

WBARS Webinar

Session 1. Getting Started 101 (Vimeo/Streaming)

For instructions on specific tasks in WBARS, use the following timeline for guidance on answering common questions.

User set up (MP4 9:45/Vimeo 5:20)

Import Process (MP4 17:10/Vimeo 12:50)

Review of Annual Report Summary (MP4 34:20/Vimeo 30:00)

Assigning a User to a role at a property (MP4 55:20/Vimeo 50:58)

Utility allowance set up in Buildings area (MP4 62:00/Vimeo 57:40)

Ownership Certification on Report Cover Page (MP4 77:00/Vimeo 1:12:35)

Table 1 Summary (MP4 81:00/Vimeo 1:16:30)

Processing a re-certification and move-out (MP4 89:00/Vimeo 1:24:50)

Processing a move-in (MP4 106:05/Vimeo 1:41:45)

Processing a Transfer (MP4 107:34/Vimeo 1:43:13)

Completing Table 2 (MP4 114:00/Vimeo 1:49:40)

Completing Table 3 (MP4 124:15/Vimeo 1:59:55)

Session 2. HOME-Mini Video (Vimeo/Streaming)

HOME - Mini (PowerPoint)

Table 1 Export for HOME - Mini Webinar (Excel) 

Exhibit 3-7 Fixed HOME Units/Over-Income Tenants (PDF)

Exhibit 3-9 Floating HOME Units/Over-Income Tenants (PDF)

Session 3. Digging Deeper 201 Video (Vimeo/Streaming)

Digging Deeper Material (PDF)

Sample Excel Export (Excel)

Table 4 (Income & Expense Report) 02/2016

Table 4 Video (Vimeo link)

 WBARS Instructions

WBARS Global UA Update Tool Instructions Rev 07/2017

WBARS FAQs Rev 04/2011

General Utility Allowance Information Rev 02/2010

WBARS User Guide Rev 12/2012

Annual Report Submission Supplemental Materials Update 12/21/2018

WBARS XML Import Information

XML Import Documentation for END USERS

XML Import Documentation for SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS



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