Resident Certification Package


Many of our forms have been converted to fillable PDF forms with signature lines that can accept electronic signatures. The forms that are formatted this way show “Fillable with Signature” after the Instructions link in the list below.  You must open these forms in Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader; to do that, download the file to your computer and then open it in Adobe PDF Reader.  If you don't know how to apply an electronic signature, review the signature instructions here:

Instructions_Signing and Saving a Signature to a PDF


See the Tax Credit Manual or Bond Manual for reference. Files in PDF format unless noted.

Compliance Checklist Rev 03/30/2020 | Instruction Rev 03/30/2020


Household Eligibility Certification (HEC) (Excel) Rev 04/26/2023 |Blank Form No Calculations (PDF) Rev 04/26/2023  | Sample (PDF) Rev 04/26/2023 | Instruction Rev 04/26/2023

Resident Eligibility Application (REA) Rev 04/2019 | Instruction Rev 04/2019 | Fillable with Signature

REA Page 1A - Additional Employment | Fillable with Signature


Self-Certification of Annual Income (100% LIHTC Properties Only) Rev 10/30/2019 | Instruction Rev 10/30/2019 | Fillable with Signature

Household Declaration Supplement to REA 11/2020 | Instruction 11/2020 | Fillable with Signature 11/2020


Household Demographics Reporting Form | Instruction (LIHTC Units Only) Rev 02/11/2022

Authorization to Release Confidential Information Rev 12/2011 | Instruction Rev 12/2011 | Fillable with Signature


We have a form for most but not all income verification situations.  Every source of income that a household puts on an REA needs supporting documentation.  Income verification forms and/or supporting documentation should be submitted in REA questionnaire order.  You may also find it helpful to review the Income and Asset Certification and Reporting chapters in both the Tax Credit and Bond Manuals. The Income and Asset Verification Summary Chart (PDF) may also be helpful.

Verification Cover Letter Rev 06/2010 | Instruction Rev 06/2010

Employment Verification Rev 10/2017 | Instruction Rev 10/2017
Helpful: Social Services Area
UW Verification of Employee Income: Explanation Letter | VOE Request Form calendars for year-to-date calculation
WA Minimum Wage Laws Graphic PDF for 2024 with updated links posted 1/2024.  Links to the statewide law and the laws for Seattle and Sea-Tac & Tukwila. | Rev 10/13/2022

Income Verification/Clarification by Telephone Rev 02/2013 | Instruction Rev 02/2013

Self-Employment Income Worksheet Rev 01/2014 | Instruction Rev 01/2014

Self-Employment Verification (include signed copy of last year return)  Rev 10/2017 | Instruction Rev 10/2017

Seasonal Worker Statement Rev 01/2009 | Instruction Rev 01/2009

Social Security Verification and/or Consent for Release of Information SSA3288
The Commission no longer provides a form to verify Social Security/SSI benefits. Please follow one of the links above to the Social Security Administration website to download their form. Type form ID# SSA-3288 in search.
Cost-of-Living Adjustments | Death Index

Child Support Affidavit Rev 01/2014 | Instruction Rev 01/2014

Public Assistance Verification Rev 12/23/2011 | Instruction Rev 12/23/2011

Unemployment  Verification and/or Authorization to Release Records - individual (ESD Form) Rev 04/19/2021
The Commission no longer provides a form to verify Unemployment benefits.  Please follow the link above to the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) website to download their form.  Click on the form name in the FORMS section of the QUICK LINKS.  We recommend entering ‘To verify income for Low-Income Housing program’ in the State Purpose of Disclosure field and requesting a copy of the Unemployment Payment History for the prior 24 months.  You may also want to request a copy of the Wages Reported by employers in the State of WA for the prior 24 months for seasonal workers or others where past earnings may be used to estimate future income.  Submit the completed request in the portal on the ESD website at  for a response within 1 business day.

Military Pay Verification Rev 12/23/2011 | Instruction Rev 12/23/2011
Projects Able to Exclude Military BAH Income (PDF) Rev 04/22/2014 

Pension Verification Request Rev 01/2009 | Instruction Rev 01/2009 | Helpful: Veterans Benefits Administration

Annuity, Stock Verification, or 401(k) Rev 10/2017 | Instruction Rev 10/2017

Verification of Veterans Benefits New 09/2019 | Instruction New 09/2019

Gift Affidavit Rev 01/2014 | Instruction Rev 01/2014

Zero Income Certification Rev 11/2020 | Instruction Rev 11/2020 | Fillable with Signature New 11/2020


Calculating Assets 101 Training Video Part 1-2 05/2008

Deposit Verification Request - Fillable with Instruction Rev 12/2022

Under $5,000 Asset Certification or Sworn Statement of Net Household Assets Rev 01/2009 | Instruction  Rev 01/2009
Use for tax credit or bond properties only if assets are under $5,000. Assets over this amount always require third-party verification. 

Real Estate Evaluation Worksheet (if applicable) Rev 01/2014 | Instruction  Rev 01/2014

Cash on Hand Affidavit Rev 12/23/2011 | Instruction Rev 12/23/2011

Crypto Currency Certification New 03/26/2018 | Instruction New 03/26/2018


Proof of Age (for properties with Elderly Set-Asides)

Disability Status Certification Rev 10/2019 | Instruction properties with Disabled Set-Aside  Rev 10/2019

Disability Verification Rev 10/2019 | Instruction properties with Disabled Set-Aside  Rev 10/2019

Homeless Certification Rev 04/27/2011 | Instruction properties with Homeless or Transitional Set-Aside

Farmworker Household Initial Certification Rev 03/30/2020 | Instruction prove $3,000 farm work Rev 03/30/2020
Farm Work Reference Rev 02/2008 | Farm Work Household Certification Training Video 05/2008

Farm Work Status Verification/Clarification by Telephone New 03/30/2020 | Instruction New 03/30/2020

Verification of Farm Work Status Rev 03/30/2020 | Instruction Rev 03/30/2020


Student Certification Rev 04/2017 | Instructions Rev 04/2017 | Fillable with Signature New 11/2020

Student Status Verification Rev 01/2009 | Instructions Rev 01/2009 | Helpful: Student Clearinghouse

Fulltime Student Job Training Exception Verification Rev 04/2017 | Instructions Rev 04/2017

Student Exception Affidavit Rev 04/2017 | Instructions Rev 04/2017

Foster Care Verification Rev 06/2012 | Instructions Rev 06/2012


Estrangement Certification Rev 12/23/2011 | Instructions Rev 12/23/2011

Identification Certification Rev 01/2009 | Instructions Rev 01/2009

Live-In Aide Agreement Rev 04/23/2015 | Instructions Rev 01/2014

Pregnancy Self-Certification Rev 01/2009 | Instructions Rev 01/2009


Tax Credit Lease Rider - Tax Credit Property Rev 06/2012 | Instructions Rev 06/2012 | Fillable with Signature New 05/05/2020

Lease Rider for Tax Credit ARRA Project New 01/2014 | Instructions New 01/2014 | Fillable with Signature New 05/05/2020

Bond Lease Rider - Bond Property Rev 01/2009 | Instructions Rev 01/2009 | Fillable with Signature New 05/05/2020


All Forms in One File (PDF 1,849KB)  Rev 07/2019

All Instructions in One File (PDF 2,199KB) Rev 11/2017


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