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House Key Schools Program is a downpayment assistance second mortgage loan program with a 3.00% interest rate and a ten-year loan term for teachers and employees of community or technical colleges and K-12 public or private schools that are accredited or recognized by the state of Washington. 

House Key Schools combines with the Home Advantage first mortgage loan program. 

Borrowers must be first-time homebuyers or buying in a targeted area.

Borrowers must qualify for the Home Advantage Program first mortgage loan program. 

MAXIMUM INCOME LIMITS as of 04/15/2015

Clark $73,900

Island $74,200

King/Snohomish $89,600

Kitsap $74,600

All Other Counties: $73,600

Borrowers must attend a Commission-sponsored homebuyer seminar prior to reserving funds. Cash back to borrowers is not allowed.


Eligible households may qualify for a maximum loan amount of up to $10,000.

A Participating Loan Officer can help you determine an acquisition price you can afford, how much cash you will need to close, and how much you can borrow on a House Key Schools loan.


See Premier Participating Loan Officers who have been helpful to first-time homebuyers. Your Lender will help you determine if this downpayment assistance program is the best fit. You may want to consider the Home Advantage Needs Based Option.


If you have questions about the House Key Schools Downpayment Assistance Loan Program, please call Karen Carlson-Bunce at 206.287.4413 or toll free in WA 800.767.4663, Ext. 413, or email


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