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House Key Plus SeattleHouse Key Plus Seattle


House Key Plus Seattle is a down payment assistance, second mortgage loan program that combines with the Home Advantage first mortgage loan program.  This program is for people living within the city limits of Seattle. This program allows up to $45,000 in downpayment assistance with payments deferred for 30 years, at 3% simple interest. 

There is Shared Appreciation required for the first 9 years. Due to federal guidelines, the home must not have been occupied by a tenant within 90 days of the purchase and sale agreement. You must be a first-time homebuyer and the home you are purchasing must be your principal residence and owner-occupied. The definition of a first-time homebuyer is that you have not owned a home anytime in the past three years. You must attend a free Homebuyer Education Seminar sponsored by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission and receive your certificate.  The seminar will provide you with the information you will need to purchase and maintain your first home. Online Homebuyer Education will not meet the seminar requirement for this program.

MAXIMUM INCOME LIMITS as of 01/03/2014

To be eligible for House Key Plus Seattle, your household income must not exceed these limits:

1 person $44,750 | 2 person $51,150 | 3 person $57,550 | 4 person $63,900
5 person $69,050 | 6 person $74,150 | 7 person $79,250 | 8 person $84,350


Existing Construction home limit $261,000
New Construction home limit $285,000


We would like to thank the following Lenders for their participation in House Key Plus Seattle Program:
Verify a mortgage company or individual: www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org

Keane Ng, Cobalt Mortgage 425-440-0777, keane@keaneloans.com

Cristie Stapp, Guild Mortgage, 206-310-3402 cstapp@guildmortgage.com

Joyce Hanson, Evergreen Home Mortgage, 425-732-3349 jhanson@evergreenhomeloans.com

Lin Helm, Eagle Home Mortgage, 206-940-7693 linhelm@uamc.com

Lynda Myrick, Evergreen Home Loans, 206-774-7590 lmyrick@evergreenhomeloans.com

Cathy Pizzini, Evergreen Home Loans, 206-774-7595 cpizzini@evergreenhomeloans.net

Kimberly Terry, Evergreen Home Loans, 206-774-7595 kterry@evergreenhomeloans.net

Phil Ross, MLO-150797, Alpine Mortgage, 253-272-3322 pross@alpinemc.com

Kim Toskey, MLO-184361, Guild Mortgage, 425-422-5286  ktoskey@guildmortgage.net

Angela Cohen, Network Mortgage Services, 425-672-2810 angelac@networkhomeloans.com

Gerri Rasmussen, Network Mortgage Services, 425-248-2319 gerrir@networkhomeloans.com

Michelle Swanson, Prospect Mortgage, 425-776-1450 michelle.swanson@prospectmtg.com

Gina Koehl, American Pacific Mortgage, 425-274-2063, gina.koehl@apmortgage.com


If you have questions about the House Key Plus Seattle Downpayment Assistance Loan Program, please contact Karen Carlson at 206-287-4413 or toll free at 800-767-4663, Ext. 413, or by e-mail karen.carlson@wshfc.org.


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